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  • How to increse follower in Instagram.

    How to increse follower in Instagram.

    1) Open a Link -> Click Here. 2) Login instagram.

    3) Increser your Follower Now.

  • How to Download Video.

    How to Download Video

    1). Open You Tube Now.

    2). Open any Video.

    3). Show URL and any video path. 4). Open Download from and Download video.
  • Online Video Download

    Online Video Download

    1). Open You Tube Now.

    2). Open any Video.

    3). Show URL and any video path. 4). Open Download from and Download video.
  • Hack wifi password using android phone without root

    Using WPS Wireless Scanner APP

    1) First you need to download Android app calledWPSPINyou can download fromGoogle Play Store.
    2) Install the app
    3) Install the app
    4) The app will automatically scan for WPS enabled wireless networks
    5) Click on the network that you want to crack
    6) Note down the Eight digit pin
    7) Open your laptop
    8) Enter the 8 digit pin in place of password field
    9) Now you have a cracked wifi. Enjoy!!
    you can download fromz
  • How To Promote Add's

    Promotion Yor Add's To follow Naughty_Naino

    -> Any promote your Add's

    ->Follow Naughty_Naino In Instagram.
  • How to create DSLR image and best Editing.

    How to create DSLR image and best Editing.

    How to create DSLR image and best Editing.

    1. Download Snapseed App.

    2. Open Link & Download This app.
  • How Catch up any song.

    How Catch up any song.

    How catch up any song.
    1) Go to Play Store.
    2) Download The App And Install Now.
    3) Open App & listening any song.
    4) Catch This song in your phone.
    5) Give all details for this song.
    6) Click Now Download The App.
  • Hack Gps Location

    How to hack GPS location in Android Phone.

  • Change logo in Android Phone

    Change Your Android Boot Animation

    Android File Manager (Manual)

    To use this method, you will need a file manager app with Root access. In this quicktip, we will be using the Root Browser app.
    1. Download a custom boot animation you want to use by choosing the animation you want to use and downloading the associated file. (Here is another place to find custom animations to use.)
    2. Open Root Browser (or your file manager) app and once inside, locate your original boot animation file ( in /system/media.
    3. Long-press the file, choose Rename and name it to bootanimation.zip1.
    4. Next, browse to the custom boot animation that you want to switch to, copy the zip file to /system/media. Long-press, choose Permission.
    5. Tick the boxes as shown in the screenshot below, and press OK. After that, rename the file to, if the zip file name is different.
    Note: You have to make sure that the file name is correct ( for the system to recognize your boot animation, and boot properly.
    6. Now you should be able to see two zip files, one, (new file) and the other is bootanimation.zip1 (original).
    Note: If you ever want to switch back to your original boot animation, delete the current and rename the original file back to (from bootanimation.zip1).
    7. Reboot the device and you will be able to see your new custom boot animation!

  • Instagram Follewer

    How to increase Instagram Follower.

    1. First Download Instagram+ This is not available in Play-store.
    2. Instagram+ Download LinkClick Here.
    3. This app main advantage is Following is Follower or not.
    4. First Following Multiple User. After Instagram+ using unfollow all user.
    5. Now easy increase Instagram Follower

  • Remote Desktop.

    How to open pc in your Mobile Phone.

    1. Install Chrome Browser in your leptop/pc.
    . 2. Go to setting Extension and search CHROME REMOTE DESKTOP.
    3. Watch YouTube Video.
    4. After search Playstore/Applestore CHROME REMOTE DESKTOP.
    5. Enter Pin and remote connection start.

  • Block Ads

    How To Block Ads In Android Apps, Games And Browsers

    Installing And Configuring Adblock Plus
    1. Open a browser in your device and download Adblock Plus for Android. Your device will receive the APK file: adblockplusandroid-version.apk.

    2. Navigate to where your downloaded files are kept, then tap on the file and install. (If you open the APK file using a file manager, select Open App Manager and then click on Install.)
    3.1 On rooted devices: after installing, open Adblock Plus. It will request for super user permissions. Allow super user permissions to Adblock Plus and you are good to go.
    3.2 On non-rooted devices: you need a few more steps, to manually set up proxy in your Android. You will need to follow the instructions here as instructions are different for Android versions up to 3.1 and 4.0+.s
    Now Adblock Plus will start blocking ads. You can set more options in Adblock Plus like ads filter lists, non-intrusive ads, etc in Settings.
  • Root Phone

    How to Root Android Phone and Install New Oprating System.

    1.Root your phone.
    2.Find the version of the ROM for your specific device and download it to your phone.
    3.Download TWRP Manager or another ROM manager app.
    4.Use the ROM manager to create a Custom Recovery.
    5.Backup your existing ROM and data.
    6.Use the ROM manager to boot into recovery mode.
    7.Wipe the existing ROM.
    8.Flash the new ROM.
  • Hack Android Phone

    How to hack other Android Phone

    1> Need Android phone.
    2> Download TrurhSpy App Download this Application
    3> Enter Email or User name and password.
    4> Watch Video Click.
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